Our mission

Building the capacity building of Italian-Somalis, Italian citizens born in Somalia during the AFIS (1950-1960), in order to build the political role of the Italian-Somali generation of AFIS, in the Italian-Somali and European institutions. of the sufferings of a past removed from the collective memory and yet marked by forced assimilation and racial discrimination;

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In 1943, following the defeat in the Second World War, Italy lost its colonies: Libya, Eritrea and Somalia, however in 1950 Italy officially returned to Somalia with the UN Trust Mandate to bring the country to independence; the decade of AFIS (Italian Trust Administration of Somalia) began.

The colonial past of Italy is still today removed from historical memory and institutions. For decades there has been no serious reflection on the tragic consequences of Italian colonization; research and publications by historians have not yet been useful for this past to enter the memory, culture and institutions of the country.

In addition to historical reflection, legislation would have been useful to maintain connecting institutions to manage the consequences of a century of Italian presence in Somalia.

The lack of connecting legislation has deprived the former administered population of all rights and protects it, preventing it from playing an institutional role in the future of Somalia after independence, perhaps avoiding its implosion, in particular it has denied Italian-Somali minors the role within both Italian and Somali societies.

The Italian-Somali EU District intends to recover the socio-political role of the Community, at the moment we share this project with some institutional subjects.